Books Books
  • Margaret Fulton latest book Slow Cooking. Suzanne Gibbs was a the helm in the kitchen for this book. I did the table top and prop styling
  • MIchael Moore's owner of the Summit restuarant,Blood Sugar cookbook ,shot by Steve Brown ,
  • Mezze cookbook , by Rena Patten , styling Kathy Mckinnon.
  • MIguel Maestre' new Spanish cooking book ,styled by kathy Mckinon ,Celebrity chef on the lifestyle channel Miguel then returned to Spain, before moving to Australia. He has been fortunate to work in some of Sydney’s premier kitchens including Bath
  • Burgers by Marian & Peter Kissner , cookbook , styled by Kathy Mckinnon
  • Quinoa , the Supergrain by Rena Patten , styled by kathy Mckinnon
  • Gourmet Sandwiches by Suzanne Blythin , styled by kathy Mckinon
  • Sparkle Cupcakes , the Little Black Book by Kathryn Sutton , styled by Kathy Mckinnon. Styling cakes for special occasions , shots also featured in magazines , valentine day shoot featured in OK magazine and doggy cup cakes featured in Good weekend magaz