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Kathy has turned her food, prop & interior styling skills to work on numerous books .
These include :
Margaret Fulton Slow Cooking ; New Holland, 2012
Blood Sugar, Michael Moore ;photography  Steve Brown, New Holland, 2011
Mezze, Rena Patten, New Holland, 2011
Spanish Cooking, Migeul Maestre; photography Karen Watson, New Holland 2011
Burgers, Marian & Peter Kissner ; photography Karen Watson, New Holland , 2011
Cooking With Quinoa,Rena Patten; photography Graham Gilles, New Holland , 2010
Gourmet Sandwiches, Suzanne Blythn, 2010
Sparkle Cupcakes, kathryn Sutton ,photography Karen Watson New Holland , 2010

Manna From Heaven, Rachel Grieswood ,photography Adrian Lander, Allan & Unwin, 2009
Feng Shui in the Home, Siobhan O'brien , photography Brett Boardman, Landsdowne , 2006